James & John Gray

James & John Gray, Wholesale Hat and Cap Manufacturer, 43, Argyle Street.—

    The concern carried on under the style of “James & John Gray” was originally founded by the late Mr. Andrew Inglis, who was a silk hat manufacturer, in the year 1840. In 1861 he was joined in the business by Mr. James Gray (the present senior partner), the concern then being worked under the style of Andrew Inglis & Company. After the death of Mr. Inglis, Mr. Gray took his brother John Gray into partnership (in 1868), and the name of the firm was then changed to its present title.

    The silk hat trade having to a very great extent been superseded by the introduction of felt hats, this firm adapted their business to the altered state of things, and made felt hats the leading feature of their trade ; they also manufacture caps, and now, in this particular line, they are doing an enormous trade. Indeed, they may be said to excel in these articles, for it is admitted that for value and style, they cannot be surpassed. Their trade mark under such circumstances seems a peculiarly appropriate one, for it runs — “A 1 Value”. The firm have a splendid connection, which embraces some of the largest buyers in the kingdom, and the business is conducted on the strictest lines of probity and honour.

    The establishment in Argyle Street, which has been occupied by the firm for twenty-five years, consists of a spacious warehouse of three flats, which is heavily stocked with hats and caps of the newest styles and makes, and of the best quality, and it includes satin and felt hats, Saxony bonnets, cloth and tweed caps, braces and cricket belts, ties, &c. The firm employ a large number of hands. Mr. James Gray has for some years been a member of the Glasgow Town Council, and he is senior bailie of the city. Mr. John Gray takes a most active part in the management of the concern. Both gentlemen are well known in the city and district, where they are highly popular, and are esteemed as most honourable and worthy citizens.

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