The Greenhead Mill Company

The Greenhead Mill Company, Commission Wool Combers and Worsted Spinners, Bridgeton.

    Perhaps the only extensive business of importance in Glasgow, which could claim to be perfectly unique, is that of the Greenhead Mills Company. This business was established about 1800 by the late Mr. Holms on the same ground, the premises being burnt in 1874 and since rebuilt.

    The establishment comprises a large spinning-mill, wool store, washing, willeying, carding, and combing-rooms, the machinery being driven by engines of 350 horse-power. The firm employs three hundred to four hundred hands.

    It is the only business of the kind in Scotland, and their trade is with the leading manufacturers of the three kingdoms. Energetic management, good workmanship, and the possession of every mechanical requisite help to enable The Greenhead Company to retain their position of the only commission wool combers and worsted spinners in Scotland.

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