Joseph Hailey

Joseph Hailey, Clothier, 107, Bothwell Street.—

    This house, by reason of its old standing and extensive business connections, has special claims to favourable mention. The business was established so long ago as the year 1872, and originally located in the Dumbarton Road, when about seven years ago the present premises in Bothwell Street were acquired. These comprise a handsome and attractive shop and workshops beyond. To facilitate the routine of the business, every department is under the superintendence of a competent manager having a special knowledge of the goods under his charge.

    The business is devoted to the manufacture of everything connected with gentlemen’s tailoring and outfits, particularly those adapted to athletics. To this branch of the business the proprietor has devoted special attention. He is himself deeply interested in the national sports and pastimes, was a prominent and active member of the committee of the “Scottish Football Association”, and is an ex-President of the “Partick Thistle Football Club”. Mr. Hailey possesses the advantage of long and thorough practical experience, and conducts his business with marked ability, and great commercial energy and enterprise. There are few men better known or more highly esteemed, more particularly in athletic circles, than the spirited proprietor of this well-known establishment. The connections of this house are firmly based upon the reputation it has so long enjoyed, and the trade controlled is of a high class, influential, and still rapidly growing character.

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