William Hall

William Hall, Artist and Photographer, 21, Argyle Street.—

    Prominent among the benefits conferred upon society by the discoveries of modem science must be enumerated the facilities afforded by the art of the photographer for producing life-like portraits of individuals, fascinating views of landscape scenery, and correct representations of all kinds of objects. Excellent specimens of this branch of art accomplishments may be seen at the studios of Mr. William Hall, which were established by him at the present address in 1878.

    Every facility for procuring the best natural and artificial light, and the most appropriate scenery for single portraits or groups, will be found at these well-appointed rooms. Especially is the showroom worthy of inspection by all classes of the public, as it contains specimens of photography of surpassing excellence in every detail. Enlargements in oil, crayons, upon opal, &c., are a speciality, as is also the production of the “Jubilee Bust Photographs”. Instantaneous photographs of children and other objects can be taken whenever desired, and copies may be obtained at any subsequent period.

    These studios are patronised by all classes of the community, the connection being particularly well established among the opulent residents in the neighbourhood.

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