Henry Halstead

Henry Halstead, Wadding Manufacturer, 745 and 753, Duke Street.

    This flock and wadding factory is well known in the West, and throughout Scotland generally. It was established on its present site in 1881 by Mr. Henry Halstead, its present owner. The works are very large, covering half an acre of ground, and have a considerable quantity of general plant, and machinery driven by steam-power, and giving employment to a great number of workers.

    Mr. Halstead does a very extensive trade, principally with merchants over Scotland ; a considerable quantity of his manufactures also find a market abroad. There are about five tons of manufactured material turned out every week, and two horses are kept on constant duty. Mr. Halstead has given much impetus to this trade in Glasgow, and by his untiring perseverance and skilful ingenuity has made the works and himself prominent features in the commercial life of the city.

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