Hamilton & Co.

Hamilton & Co., Yarn Agents, 241, George Street.

    The old-established and well-known firm of Messrs. Hamilton & Co. has for many years occupied a leading position amongst the large and influential mercantile houses of this city. It dates back its foundation to the year 1868, when it was established in Wilson Street, and it was removed to the present premises in 1878. The business has increased concurrently with the development of the trade and commerce of the city.

    Messrs. Hamilton & Co. occupy very extensive premises admirably situated. They comprise storeroom and salerooms, packing and dispatch departments, together with a spacious suite of well-appointed offices and counting-house. The stock of yarns is very large and comprehensive, being fully representative of all the best features of the various lines engaged in, and embraces every description of silk, angola, woollen and cotton yams, both of Scotch, English, Belgian, French, and German manufacture.

    Messrs. Hamilton & Co. have a splendid connection for the sale of these goods with the leading manufacturers in Glasgow and the West of Scotland, and do a large and rapidly increasing trade. A large staff of warehousemen, clerks, and assistants are employed. Mr. James Hamilton, the sole partner, is a gentleman occupying an influential position in mercantile circles, and is well known and highly esteemed for his earnest endeavours to promote the best interests of the trade and commerce of the city of Glasgow.

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