William Hamilton & Co.

William Hamilton & Co., Wholesale Tea Merchants, &c., 133, Main Street, Anderston.ó-

    The well-known business presided over by Messsrs. Hamilton & Co., is one of the largest and most important in the wholesale grocery trade. It was founded in 1873 by the present proprietors, and to their energetic ability owes much of the great success that has been so rapidly achieved. The headquarters are situated at the above address and comprise spacious warehouses, heavily stocked with a variety of high-class goods.

    The establishment is fitted in the most perfect style in every detail, and presents a decidedly thriving and attractive appearance. The firm have a great number of other establishments and stores in various parts of the district, and some idea of the extent of their trade may be obtained from a knowledge of the fact that they employ over fifty hands. They have a large number of vans and lorries which are used for the delivery of goods, and an enormous trade is done in all directions.

    Of specialities there are none ; everything that is incidental to the trade of tea and coffee merchants, grocers, Italian warehousemen, wine and spirit dealers, &c., may be obtained at the firmís numerous depots. Messrs. Hamilton & Co. trade strictly upon cash principles, and are therefore enabled to supply their numerous patrons with the most superior goods at a price that requires no allowance to be made for the chance of bad debts, &c.

    An interesting feature of the business consists in the arrangements that the firm have made whereby producers residing far from the markets may dispose of their produce, the firm undertaking the sale on commission. A large business has been thus developed in this direction. The firm commands a very extensive and influential connection throughout Glasgow and the north and west of Scotland and rank among the most thriving and successful houses in the district.

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