Hartoch & Co.

Hartoch & Co., Dutch Aromatic Bitters Manufacturers, 8, Maxwelton Place, Paisley Road.

    Among the many manufacturers of Bitters the firm of Hartoch & Co., manufacturers of genuine Dutch Aromatic Bitters, British and Foreign Cordials and Liqueurs, is worthy of special mention.

    Dutch Bitters were almost unknown in Scotland about half a century ago, but they have now superseded the somewhat antiquated and nearly obsolete method of concocting bitters the spirit-dealer was then obliged to adopt, viz., gathering or buying the herbs and infusing them in water. This firm produces an article extracted from selections of the finest aromatic herbs, and which is an appetising and wholesome tonic of exceptional strength and purity. The firm was established in 1861, and is presided over at the present address by Mr. David Hartoch, who is the sole partner.

    The premises here consist of a counting-house and warehouse, the stores being at 3, Dundas Street, Kingston. In addition to the Dutch Aromatic Bitters, which is the leading article, Mr. Hartoch has from time to time added to his list of manufactured articles Quinine Wine, Lime Juice, Lime Juice Cordials, Spirit Colouring, and Syrup of Spice. He also trades in orange bitters, and a variety of cordials and liqueurs. Their goods may be known by their trade-mark (the coat-of-arms of Holland) on the label on each bottle.

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