Alexander Harvey & Son

Alexander Harvey & Son, Dyers, 1 to 88, McNeil Street,—

    Dyeing has for a long period of time been a staple and thoroughly important industry of Glasgow. One of the most notable of Glasgow’s numerous firms engaged in exemplifying the various phases of this industry is that of Messrs. Alexander Harvey & Son, of McNeil and Govan Streets, Govanhaugh, on the Clydeside. This extensive business was established at its present address and under its present title over fifty years ago by the late Mr. Alexander Harvey, who was for many years a most prominent citizen and a councillor and magistrate of Glasgow. The sole principals of the firm of to-day are Mr. William Harvey and Mr. John Edwards, respectively the son and son-in-law of the deceased founder of the house.

    The works are most extensive. The main entrance faces on McNeil Street, and the spacious general offices are situate over the principal entrance gateway. The works themselves comprise a large warehouse of fine storage capacity, a fancy house, a wool house, large blue and orange houses, two chain-dyeing houses, and the boiler house with three boilers. The whole equipment of the place is of the most complete and effective character. The business carried on is that of dyers of cotton, both hank and chain, and also of wool and various textiles, and the firm are noted for the excellent character of their work in all details and generalities. The operative force employed numbers about one hundred hands.

    Messrs. Harvey maintain a widespread and valuable connection of long-established influence, and their many customers are numbered among leading manufacturers of cotton and woollen textiles in all parts of the United Kingdom.

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