Hay Brothers

Hay Brothers, Wholesale Confectioners, Clarence Street, Kingston.ó

    Glasgow has of late years become the seat of a very large branch of the confectionery trade, and the firms therein engaged may be said to comprise several branches of this industry according to the particular description of goods which they manufacture.

    Among the most important firms a very prominent position is occupied by Messrs. Hay Brothers, whose business has been in existence since 1875, when it was established in the premises that are now occupied at Clarence Street, Kingston. These consist of a large factory of three flats, the upper portions constituting the workshops and the lowest flat being devoted to the purposes of a warehouse for packing and despatching.

    The branch of the trade to which Messrs. Hay Brothers are devoted is essentially that of the higher classes of confectionery, and among these a leading feature consists of gum pastilles and boiled sweets. The whole of the manufacture is carried on by means of machinery, the factory being admirably fitted in every detail with the most modem and improved plant and appliances. A very large number of hands are engaged. The work is carried on under the most careful supervision, and the various productions of the firm are of exceptionably superior quality.

    The trade done is very extensive, both in the home and export departments. In the latter branch it is a rather noticeable fact that much of the firmís produce is sent to the West Indies, to such places as Trinidad and other of the sugar-growing islands. Thus the firm in this way return the manufactured sweets to the very districts where the sugar was originally produced. A very large business is also done all over the United Kingdom among the leading wholesale and retail dealers in the trade.

    The present sole proprietor is Mr. John Hay, his brother having died about six years ago. The firm, which is still carried on under the original title, is one of the most renowned and thriving in the district.

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