James Hay

James Hay, Warehouseman, 30, 32, and 34, Main Street, and 4 to 10, Bishop Street, Anderston.

    It is difficult to find in the annals of commercial enterprise a parallel to the great success which has attended the operations of the well-known establishment of Mr. James Hay, warehouseman, whose premises are located as above. The extensive headquarters of this firm are of a most commanding and attractive appearance, presenting a handsome facade, with four immense plate glass windows, a large and superbly decorated shop occupying the ground floor, with the millinery and other departments above.

    To facilitate the routine of the business these departments are each under the superintendence of a competent manager, having a special knowledge of the goods under his charge, and supplemented by a large staff of well-qualified assistants, a marked and impressive feature being the polite yet unobtrusive attention of everyone connected with the establishment ; and this characteristic trait of good breeding at once sets the visitor at ease, and renders an inspection of the marvels of this vast emporium a source of true pleasure and enjoyment. The dress and mantle making departments form a leading feature of the establishment, and are well patronised by the leading members of fashionable society. The large and valuable stock is entirely of the highest excellence of fabrication and quality, comprising in the several departments calicoes, linens, flannels, blankets, quilts, sheetings, curtains, dresses, silks, mantles, costumes, millinery, underclothing, haberdashery, hosiery, gloves, laces, ribbons, furs, umbrellas, yams, &c. It may be truly said that there are few establishments more fully representative of all the best lines engaged in.

    The business is of a widespread and influential character, extending all over Scotland, the North of England, and Ireland. The firm also have several important contracts for supplying asylums and other institutions in London and throughout the kingdom. Mr. James Hay, who is the sole proprietor, possesses the advantage of long and thorough mercantile experience, and by his commendable energy and business enterprise has gained the entire confidence and esteem of a very high-class and valuable connection.

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