John Henderson & Son

John Henderson & Son, Mineral Boring Prospectors and Artesian Well Engineers, General Terminus, Paisley Road, Toll.—

    It will be readily conceded that among the many and ever multiplying wonders of industrial science there are few which exceed in interest those ingenious mechanical appliances whereby man is now enabled to pierce the solid rock and thus attain results which for ages were classed among those “physical impossibilities” which it is now the delight of the engineer to overcome. In connection with this class of engineering the well-known and old-established firm of Messrs. John Henderson & Son, Mineral Boring Prospectors and Artesian Well Engineers, have for many years been most extensively engaged.

    The business was established about seventy-five years ago by the late Mr. William Henderson, who was succeeded by his son, Mr. John Henderson, who with his son, Mr. John Henderson, jun., now carries on the business ; this latter gentleman being the third generation of Hendersons connected with this branch of engineering, and the grandson of the founder.

    The operations carried out by this firm may be stated to consist of two principal branches. Mineral boring prospecting is that part of the business whereby boring operations are conducted for the search of minerals of all kinds, such as coal, ironstone, limestone, &c. In this connection Messrs. Henderson & Son have been identified with the proving of the richest mineral and coalfields which have been opened up in the United Kingdom.

    The artesian well boring consists in boring in search of water at great depths through the different strata. This branch of the business has been carried out with great success by this firm ; many very gratifying testimonials have been received expressing unanimous satisfaction with the work done. The firm also undertake various other applications of boring, as for brickfields, or the foundations of buildings, bridges, piers, docks, harbours, and all heavy engineering structures, or in ascertaining the nature of cuttings, on proposed lines of railway or other works of excavation.

    Of the different mode, applied to the carrying out of this kind of works one of the latest is that known as the diamond boring process, and that, along with their other usual methods, is adopted according to the particular kind of work to be carried out. The diamond boring process is most applicable when very hard rocks are to be experimented upon, and as a core of all the different kinds of strata passed through is procured by this method, it is also well adapted for boring operations conducted in the prospecting for mineral fields.

    The business in every department is conducted with marked ability, energy, and enterprise. Messrs. Henderson & Son possess a very widespread and valuable connection, which is well founded upon the eminent reputation they have so long enjoyed, and the thoroughly efficient manner in which all the work is executed.

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