James Hendry

James Hendry, Outfitter, 109, Argyle Street.

    This business was originally founded in 1860 by Mr. John Maitland, and was for many years carried on under the title of Maitland & Co. It was removed to the present address about twenty years ago. Mr. Maitland died somewhat suddenly last year, and he has been succeeded in the business by Mr. James Hendry, who has been connected with the firm for many years.

    The establishment includes all the usual measuring, fitting, and cutting rooms incidental to a high-class house. The warehouse contains a very extensive stock of superior materials in all the latest designs and patterns. There are spacious workshops where many hands are employed.

    The establishment has always been widely noted for the superior trade done and the excellent quality of the work produced. Nothing of a common or inferior character is allowed to emanate from it, and the firm have gained a reputation that is unsurpassed by any house in the trade.

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