James Hendry

James Hendry, Saddler, 41, Canning Street.—

    The saddlery trade has an able and skilled representative in Mr. Hendry, whose workshops and warehouse are situated as above. It is now somewhere about thirty-five years since he commenced business on his own account in the locality, during which time he has, by his ability and close application, and by his honest workmanship, steadily risen to a first position in his trade. Mr. Hendry does not confine himself entirely to the saddlery trade proper, but is also to a considerable extent a maker of belting of a kind suitable to particular purposes.

    He is besides the inventor and sole maker of a most ingenious abdominal belt, which has gained the approval of some of the most distinguished members of the medical profession. This belt is the outcome of a suggestion given him by a very eminent medical practitioner, and has afforded relief to so many sufferers, and gained such a wide popularity, that little need be said in regard to it beyond pointing out that it is invaluable to ladies in cases of weakness of the back, or what is commonly called “bearing down”. The sketch shows back and front view of the belt, as well as directions for measurement.

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