William Hendry & Son

William Hendry & Son, Plumbers, Gas-Fitters, Zinc-Workers, &c., 81, Bothwell Street, and 70, West Campbell Street.—

    This business was founded in Wellington Street by Mr. William Hendry, in 1854. In 1859 it was removed to its present address, and the style of the concern became William Hendry & Son about thirteen years since. The co-partnership consists of Messrs. William and George Hendry, father and son. They are plumbers, gas-fitters, zinc-workers, and lead merchants, and do all kinds of work connected with the fixing of pumps, baths, water-closets, wash-hand basins, &c.

    They have a first-class connection, which is not confined to Glasgow or even the neighbourhood, and their trade is a substantial and valuable one. Their premises are situated at the corner of Bothwell Street and West Campbell Street, and comprise spacious offices and workshops, store, &c., and the stock of all descriptions is large and very superior. The firm are registered plumbers, and their orders are for the most part for high-class work. The firm has contracted for the steam-pipes and fittings used at the Glasgow International Exhibition, and has done so in a manner that has given complete satisfaction to the executive of this, one of the most important of the world’s industrial shows. The charges are equitable and moderate. An efficient working staff in each department is constantly employed.

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