Hetherington & Anderson

Hetherington & Anderson, Yarn Agents & Merchants, 17, John Street.—

    This important house holds a prominent position, and is widely and favourably known in connection with the branches of the silk, woollen, and cotton trade with which its name has become associated. The business was founded about fourteen years ago by Messrs. John Henderson Hetherington and Mathew Douglas Anderson, who commenced business under their present title.

    Hetherington & Anderson are merchants and agents for silk, cotton, woollen, and Angola yams, and represent some of the principal silk throwsters and spinners in Great Britain and on the Continent, amongst whom are some notable producers of the day. The extensive silk firms of A. Andreae & Co., Milan ; Ausano Lazzaroni, Milan ; and Armandy & Co., of Lyons and Paris, are represented by them. They have also secured the agency of La Ramie Fraaise, the producers of the new vegetable fibre, Ramie, which is expected to prove a very valuable staple for different manufacturers.

    Their saleroom and counting-house are at 17, John Street, whilst in North Albion Street they have commodious stores, where a very large and comprehensive stock is constantly held in readiness for the execution of orders. The firm have also branch houses at Manchester, Bradford, Nottingham, and Coventry, and the entire business is one of admirable development and first-rate importance in all departments. The trade is very large, and characterised by a steady and continuous increase. The influential connections of the house extend all over the United Kingdom and Europe, and the individual members of the firm have, by their careful administration of all the affairs of their business, won the esteem and confidence of a very large circle of commercial friends.

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