Charles Hislop (Gilbert Stewart & Son)

Charles Hislop (Gilbert Stewart & Son), House Painting, Decorating, &c., 105, West Nile Street.

    A prominent Glasgow house in connection with house painting, decorating, and gilding, is that of Mr. Charles Hislop. This establishment was originated by Messrs. Gilbert Stewart & Son in 1856, Mr. Hislop assuming its control in 1882.

    In his shop, which is interesting and attractive, he always keeps a general line of imported and domestic paper-hangings in all the rich and elegant modern styles, also foreign borders, dados, &c., and fine art hangings of the most recherch descriptions. Mr. Hislop has also added a full line of Japanese ware and decorations to the general stock. His collection of oil paintings is above the average, the majority of the works being by well-known local artists. Plain and fresco painting, graining, and gilding are special branches in the execution of which he is unrivalled. Estimates are furnished for general house painting and decorating, and as Mr. Hislop personally supervises the completion of all contracts, a guarantee is thus furnished that work intrusted to this establishment will be turned out perfect. Personally he is thoroughly conversant with every detail of the trade, and has won many encomiums from the citizens who patronise him.

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