Hooper & Edwards

Hooper & Edwards, Stained Glass and Decorative Art Works, 187, Bothwell Street, and 92, Pitt Street.

    Of recent years, stained glass works have formed an important item in the industrial operations of Glasgow. Few houses have obtained the prominence and notoriety enjoyed by that of Frederick Hooper, whose establishment is situated at the above addresses. This gentleman founded the business some fifteen years ago, and is now one of the oldest firms engaged in this branch of mercantile pursuit. The success of the business has been brought about by the energy, combined with enterprise, the result of which is the high standing they now enjoy as the leading concern in this line in Glasgow. In February, 1888, Mr. Hooper admitted Mr. Thomas Edwards as partner, and the firm has since then traded as Hooper & Edwards.

    In the principal churches and public buildings throughout the United Kingdom are handsome stained glass windows, standing memorials of the fine workmanship and beauty of execution for which this leading house is so noted. Stained glass work of every description is undertaken, special attention being paid to ecclesiastical and domestic work. A prominent feature is that of executing architects designs, for faithful representation of which the firm have achieved a reputation unequalled in its high class character. A numerous and efficient staff of workmen is employed, and good order, regularity, and system are the prevailing features of the establishments. The business is carried on under the supervision of both principals, who are noted for their honourable methods and sterling integrity.

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