Hughes & Pinkerton

Hughes & Pinkerton, Purveyors, Pastry Bakers, and Confectioners, 44 and 46, Main Street, Bridgeton.

    One of the largest and certainly one of the most highly appreciated and popular establishments in Glasgow is the well-known house of Messrs. Hughes & Pinkerton. This business dates its foundation from the year 1843, and has always been carried on on the present site, but the premises now occupied were specially built in 1872. These are on a very extensive scale, and have a noble and attractive appearance, comprising within their limits a large double shop handsomely fitted with plate glass, also eight public rooms, equally recherche in decorations ; the well-known Albert Hall, a magnificent apartment, luxuriously furnished and most tastefully and artistically decorated, capable of holding over two hundred people ; and also a smaller hall, which will accommodate about one hundred persons. The remainder of the premises is taken up by the bakehouse, cellars, storerooms, and the extensive cuisine department.

    Messrs. Hughes & Pinkerton do a very large business as purveyors, pastry cooks, and confectioners, employing a large number of hands in every department. A special feature of the business, and one to which the firm devote great attention, is the catering for public dinners, soirees, routs, balls, and wedding parties, for which purposes the beautiful and spacious halls before mentioned are admirably adapted.

    Messrs. Hughes & Pinkerton have a splendid connection in Glasgow and the neighbourhood, which is well maintained by the spirited enterprise of the proprietors.

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