H. J. Humphreys & Co.

H. J. Humphreys & Co., 156, Sauchiehall Street, Glass Writers, Embossers, Gilders, Patent Silverers, Ticket Writers, Frame Makers, &c., &c. Manufacturers of opal and gold glass letters for window advertisements, glass lamps in every style for advertising purposes, shop and house mirrors, also convex and concave advertising,  COMIC MIRROR SHOW-CARDS, BEVELLED GLASS NAME, NUMBER, AND FINGER-PLATES FOR HOUSE, SHOP, CHURCH, OR SHIP USE ; GLASS SIGN-BOARDS, SHOW-CARDS, WINDOW-PLATES, ORNAMENTAL GLASS PANELS, TRADE-MARKS, CRESTS, MONOGRAMS, ARMS, &C., &C. ; GLASS, WOOD, AND CHINA LETTERS, for shop signs, &C. ; WINDOW TICKETS AND SALE CLOTHS of every description ; frame-making, regilding, &c., in all its branches.

    This noted firm have been established in Glasgow since 1874. They formerly had a business in London, which was founded over half a century ago by the father of the present proprietor. But in the year 1851 they removed from London to Dublin, where they still have a large emporium. Opal glass letters for windows, &c., are one of the firmís specialities ; they have an immense demand for them from all parts of the world. They are the only makers of them in Scotland, and do a very large trade with the chief brewers and distillers throughout the kingdom, such as Bass & Co. ; S. Allsopp & Sons, Limited ; Thos. Salt & Co. ; Dunville & Co., Limited ; &c., &c., both for window letters and glass show-cards. Their trade-marks, &c., are executed in the most superior style, and in every conceivable variety.

    The premises in Sauchiehall Street are of considerable extent, comprising showrooms and commodious workshops. A great number of hands are constantly employed in the business. The firm are very particular about the hands they employ, only taking on first-class men with large and varied experience. The sole principal, Mr. H. J.  Humphreys, is a gentleman widely known and universally respected. He is a gentleman of vast practical experience in every branch of his business, and has spent seven years in different parts of America picking up the various styles of our American cousins so as to keep pace with the times. Therefore we have no hesitation in saying that any work entrusted to the firm will receive prompt and careful attention. In conclusion, we may state this firm holds the name of being the oldest established in Glasgow, and the best house in the line in Scotland.

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