Hunter, Hardin & Wilson

Messrs. Hunter, Hardin & Wilson, Germiston Bolt and Rivet Works, Petershill Road.

    It is difficult to find a parallel in commercial enterprise to the success which has attended the operations of the well-known firm of Messrs. Hunter, Harden, & Wilson since its establishment some five years ago. The works cover over half an acre, and comprise within their limits extensive workshops, in which the various interesting processes of manufacture are carried on.

    These are replete with all the best and most improved machinery and appliances, a large number of skilled and experienced workmen being actively engaged in the various departments. The firm are very extensively engaged in the manufacture of ship, boiler, tank, and girder rivets ; also deck, waggon, tank, and engine bolts, railway spikes, wood screws, &c., and have a first-class connection for the sale of these goods, both at home and abroad, immense quantities being exported by this firm to China, India, and the colonies.

    The business is conducted with marked ability, energy, and enterprise, all the partners taking an active part, and the extent and magnitude of the industrial operations, as well as the importance of the mercantile transactions, fully indicate the rising influence of this firm, and its prominent position amongst the industrial establishments of this district.

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