William R. Hunter

William R. Hunter, Wine, Spirit, and Malt Liquor Merchant, 108, Argyle Street ; 62, Argyle Arcade.

    The extensive business carried on by Mr. William R. Hunter at 108, Argyle Street and 65, Argyle Arcade presents many features of more than ordinary interest. This establishment is without doubt one of the best managed and most popular in the city. The premises are most advantageously situated in Morrison's Court, surrounded by large business establishments.

    On the ground floor is a large public room handsomely furnished, also small private parlours very convenient for gentlemen transacting business. On the same floor also is a spacious and well-appointed lavatory, fitted with all the newest sanitary arrangements in a most superior style and of elaborate design. A very elegant staircase, which is a striking feature of the establishment, leads up to the dining-hall, an apartment of handsome proportions, decorated and furnished in a very recherche manner and in admirable taste, capable of accommodating eighty diners. Leading off from this are smaller dining rooms for private parties, also the large and elaborately fitted up smoking-room. It is evident even to the most casual observer that neither pains nor expense have been considered in the acquisition of everything that can conduce to the comfort and enjoyment of the numerous customers. On the landing at the top of the staircase is a very fine bar, beautifully appointed in every way, and sufficiently spacious to accommodate the large hotel belonging to the same proprietor which adjoins.

    An air of luxury and comfort pervades the whole establishment, and a marked and impressive feature is the polite and ready attention of the waiters, many of whom have been in the employment of Mr. Hunter many years, and knowing the requirements of the habitual customers, they anticipate their wants with wonderful exactness. The leading speciality of this establishment is dinners, and the Arcade Dining Rooms have a reputation for excellence of the cuisine second to none in the city. Mr. Hunter also holds a very large and well-selected stock of wines, spirits, and malt liquors. The cellars contain some choice and rare vintages of port, sherry, claret, Burgundy, and champagne. There are few men better known or more highly respected than the proprietor of this extensive business, and by his well-known integrity, sound judgment, and genial courtesy Mr. Hunter has gained the esteem and confidence of a very extensive and high-class connection.

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