Peter Hutchison

Peter Hutchison, Gardener, Fruiterer, Florist, and Confectioner, 865.5, Govan Road, and Vine Cottage, Govan.

    One of the oldest establishments of its kind in Govan is that of Mr. Peter Hutchison, which was founded by him in the locality many years since, the premises, 865.5, Govan Road, having been occupied since 1882. The market gardens, of which Mr. Hutchison is the owner, are situated at Vine Cottage, a short distance off. The shop is well fixtured throughout and has a fine street frontage.

    The stock held is invariably of superior quality, fresh cuttings of vegetables being received daily from the market garden. Cut flowers, too, in perfection of bloom, either as button-holes, bouquets, table decorations, or any other form desired, are kept on hand or can be supplied to order on the shortest notice ; memorial wreaths, crosses, and other artistic devices are tastefully and promptly made up in the best possible style. Home and foreign fruits are also shown in their season. Apples, pears, peaches, plums, and other fruits of English growth are invariably seen here in profusion. Hamburg grapes, in addition to grapes of own growing, and St. Michael oranges, and, in fact, all kinds of fruit are to be obtained. Confectionery, all sorts, made of the best ingredients and warranted pure, are to be found in stock. All the produce on hand is kept in a highly saleable condition.

    The assistants employed have all had considerable experience in the business, Mr. Hutchison taking the general organisation of the business under his own control. The gardens at Vine Cottage comprise forty acres, with vegetables of all sorts, ten of which are at present growing rhubarb, and twenty acres are taken up with cabbage. Home-grown grapes are a feature, the glass houses being very extensive. Mr. Hutchison has occupied these gardens for more than forty years. The custom is of a good class, and chiefly confined to the locality.

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