Inglis & Wakefield

Inglis & Wakefield, Calico Printers, 11, George Square.

    A very eminent name in the Scottish calico printing is that of the old and well-known house named above. Messrs. Inglis & Wakefield established themselves as calico printers over forty-eight years ago at their works at Busby, Renfrewshire, and have an office and warehouse in Glasgow and warehouses in Manchester and London ; the present Glasgow warehouse in George Square has been occupied for the past five years.

    These premises comprise a large and commodious flat, handsomely appointed, arranged for office and warehouse purposes, and containing an extensive, valuable, and varied stock of the productions of the firm, which is one of the oldest and most noted in this line in the West of Scotland. The Busby print works are very extensive, and cover an area of about six acres, having a constant supply of water from the river Cart.

    The mechanical equipment is commensurate with the size of the establishment and the magnitude of the trade, twenty-two improved and effective printing machines being constantly in operation ; and the working staff numbers about six hundred hands. The firm print all kinds of cotton goods, and are celebrated for the fine finish of their manufactures. Cretonnes, calicoes, and muslin goods are specialities for which an excellent reputation it enjoyed ; and all the productions of the Busby works are sold direct to the merchants from the Glasgow, Manchester, and London establishments of the house. Active enterprise and untiring energy have made this a truly great business.

    The personnel of the present firm comprises Messrs. J.C. Wakefield, John Robb, C.C. Wakefield, Henry Adams, and Alexander Miller. All of these gentlemen are business men of capacity and prominence. Mr. Wakefield, sen., Mr. Charles C. Wakefield, are both magistrates for the county of Renfrew, and Mr. John Robb is magistrate for the county of Dumbarton.

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