Charles Ingram

Charles Ingram, Gun Maker, 18b, Renfield Street.—

    The oldest-established gun and rifle manufacturing business in Glasgow is that of Mr. Charles Ingram, who founded the same in 1834, and after fifty-two years of business life was succeeded by his nephew, Mr. Charles Ingram Annan, who is now sole proprietor. The premises occupied are on an extensive scale, with a large double-fronted shop fixtured in a superior manner, and in the rear are spacious and well appointed workshops. In the basement is the machine room, containing rifling, boring, and bullet-making machines, and several turning lathes, &c.

    The stock held is large and comprehensive, comprising guns, pistols, powder and shot, and every requisite for sportsmen in the matter of shooting. Mr. Ingram was the first to introduce steel barrels on sporting guns, and also the inventer of the ratchet system of rifling. First-class express rifles of all kinds are made by the house, which are in great demand from all quarters of the sporting world. The specialities for which the establishment has acquired a great reputation are : the sporting gun at eight guineas, and Anson & Deeley’s hammerless gun at fifteen guineas. The trade is widespread all over the United Kingdom, and shipments are made to all parts of the globe.

    Mr. Ingram, sen., was one of the most successful rifle-shots in the kingdom, having won six Queen’s badges at Wimbledon, and also competed successfully at Liege, in Belgium. The present proprietor is a gentleman of mature experience in the business, having been associated for over twenty-one years with the founder, and known in the principal sporting circles for his courtesy and thorough organisation of his extensive business. Mr. Ingram has a stall (No. 713) in the Glasgow Exhibition, No. 2 Court.

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