Irwin & Campbell

Irwin & Campbell, Lamp Makers, 83, Buchan Street, Gorbals Cross.—

    This firm was established in the same locality by the present partners in 1879. They have occupied the present premises for six years. These consist of a large flat divided into offices and workshops, and the class of goods manufactured include ship’s lamps, ventilators, and cooking utensils of every description, street lamps (plain and ornamental), copper boilers and pans, tea boilers, &c., &c.

    Messrs. Irwin & Campbell’s trade, which is principally local, is chiefly done with members of the trade, but they have large contracts besides to execute for private firms, and employ twenty hands. Energy and supplying the best goods are enabling Messrs. Irwin & Campbell not only to retain and extend, but to enhance their influential connection.

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