J. & W. Jack

J. & W. Jack, Butchers, 497 and 499, Govan Road, Govan.

    An old and worthy house in the butcher trade is that conducted by Messrs. J. & W. Jack, the sole proprietors, which was established at the present address by a Mr. Gray in 1867. In 1883 Messrs. Jack took over the business, and have successfully upheld its high prestige for the supply of first-class meat. The shop has a fine street frontage and is well fixtured internally, the rear of the premises being used for meat dressing purposes and fitted with a mincing machine and other appurtenances. A replete and well-assorted stock of superior dressed meat is always kept on hand.

    The specialities for which the house has a high reputation is the finest Scotch beef and prime wedder mutton, while in cured flesh, corned beef and pickled tongues are always to be found in splendid condition. All the meat is home-fed, and all the staff employed are experienced tradesmen, Messrs. Jack carefully superintending the dressing and curing of all produce placed before their patrons. The window displays are at all times excellent, and afford an almost unlimited variety for purchasers to select from. Families are waited on for orders if required, and their goods promptly delivered. Shipping orders are also supplied to any extent on the most liberal scale of quotations. The trade is principally of a family class and well established in the locality.

    The walls round the whole establishment are lined with white enamel, giving a fine clean and fresh appearance. The firm is opening up adjoining premises, as poulterers and pork butchers, to supply a long felt want for the whole burgh. The proprietors are gentlemen of great experience in the trade, and of the highest status in this line of commercial enterprise.

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