Alexr. Jebb & Sons

Alexr. Jebb & Sons, Wholesale Flock and Bedding Manufacturers, Cabinet Makers, Upholsterers, and General House Furnishers, 63 and 67, East Howard Street, Glasgow.ó

    The upholstery and general furnishing trade is very ably represented in the above firm, which ranks among the most important in the kingdom. The business was founded in 1860 by Mr. Alexander Jebb. The present premises, which are situate at 63 and 67, East Howard Street, have been occupied about six years, and comprise very spacious warehouses and workrooms. A large number of hands are employed here.

    The firm's chief factory is at Eaglesham, about ten miles from Glasgow. Here the firm have a very large block of buildings fitted up with all the most improved modern plant and machinery, worked by steam power. Altogether about a hundred hands are employed, and in the busy season this number is greatly increased. The business includes all the branches incidental to wholesale flock and bedding manufacturers, upholsterers, and upholsterers' furnishers, as well as general house furnishers. One of the chief departments is that connected with bedding, and includes all such goods as mattresses, beds, flocks, feather beds, cushions, ticking, linens, &c.

    A very large trade is also done in bedroom furniture of the best design and quality. Bedsteads are also dealt in. The warehouses in Glasgow contain an enormous display of the firmís goods, including dining, drawing, and bedroom suites, &c. In every instance it will be at once observed that the leading feature of the firmís work consists in really good substantial workmanship and superior quality of material.

    The business is confined to the wholesale department, and the firm have a very large and influential connection in all parts of Great Britain and Ireland. An efficient staff of travellers represent the firm in all directions, and the trade is continually increasing both in extent and importance. The firm have achieved unmistakable success, and much of this is due to the energy and ability displayed in the management.

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