James Johnston & Co.

James Johnston & Co., Manufacturers, 35, Queen Street.

    It is particularly interesting in reviewing the historical industries and commerce of this city, to meet with a firm of such old standing and such extensive connections as the well-known house or Messrs. James Johnston & Co. The business was established over twenty-five years ago by Messrs. Ingram & Co., and concurrently with the development of the trade the firm established branches at 4, Newton Street, Manchester, and at 31, Friday Street, London.

    Messrs. James Johnston & Co. are extensively engaged in the manufacture of the well-known Scotch clan tartan shawls, handkerchiefs, &c. ; also costume and military tartans, some very fine specimens of which they are now exhibiting in the Glasgow International Exhibition, and in these goods an extensive wholesale business is done. They have also specially manufactured goods for their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh and the Princess Louise.

    The establishment comprises two warehouses, including show and salerooms, where there is an efficient staff of experienced assistants. A very large and valuable stock of these beautifully made goods is always on hand. That commendable spirit of enterprise, and energy which is so eminently characteristic of the mercantile men of this city is everywhere apparent in the management of this establishment.

    Mr. James Johnston, who is the sole proprietor, possesses the advantage of long and thorough mercantile experience, and is well known and highly esteemed for his earnest endeavours in promoting, both commercially and morally, the best interests of the city of Glasgow.

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