Rankin Kennedy

Rankin Kennedy, Woodside Electric Works, 141, South Woodside Road.—

    Some of the best developments of modem electrical science, more particularly in connection with lighting by electricity, are exemplified at the Woodside Electric Works, one of the leading establishments of the kind in Glasgow. This important business, under the control of Mr. Rankin Kennedy, was inaugurated at Woodside about five years ago, and has since been carried on there most successfully.

    The premises occupied are very extensive, covering in all an area of about one thousand square yards, and comprising spacious and commodious buildings equipped with every facility for the manufacture of dynamos, engines, electric lamps, electrometers, and complete outfits of electric lighting plant and apparatus, particularly for the use of steamships, but also for service on land. The mechanical and general equipment of the works is excellent in a high degree ; the industry is one of power manufacture throughout, and the great facilities of the place are enhanced in value by the services of a large and efficient Staff of skilled electrical workmen.

    The transformed system of distribution for the electric lighting of towns and cities, large manufactories, &c., originated here, and a system of supply on this principle is in highly satisfactory operation at Mr. Rankin Kennedy’s establishment. It works remarkably well in every respect, and fully justifies the favourable expressions of opinion it elicited at its first introduction. As electric light outfitters for steamships, this firm have acquired a most eminent reputation, and more than one hundred complete steamship plants made at the Woodside Works are now in use.

    The patents and inventions operated by the firm are those of Messrs. Dick & Kennedy. One of the most notable of them is Kennedy’s Compound-Wound Self-Regulating Slow-Speed Dynamo, with single-bobbin horseshoe magnet, This dynamo has been most favourably reported upon by Professor Jamieson, of Glasgow, whose report indicates the exceeding simplicity, strength, good proportions, sound construction, and general efficiency of the apparatus. Mr. Rankin Kennedy is an electric light engineer and general electrician of eminent attainments and long practical experience, and under his personal direction the administration of the business is characterised by every desirable feature of energy, ability, and honourable principle. The system of distribution of electricity by means of alternating currents and transformers known as the parallel system, was invented by Mr. Kennedy in 1883.

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