George Kenning

George Kenning, Goldsmith, Manufacturer of Gold, Silver, arid Tinsel Lace Ornaments, Masonic Jeweller, &c.,  9, Howard Street (off Jamaica Street) .—

    The name of George Kenning is well known all over the world. Indeed, his particular handicraft has made him famous both at home and abroad, and he has attained a position and a repute which cannot be assailed by any rival.

    Mr. Kenning is a manufacturer of gold, silver, and tinsel lace ornaments, fringes, trimmings, braids, tassels, gimps, cords, wires, straps, thread, twist, plate, &c. ; and he also executes embroidery in gold, silver, and worsted. He furnishes the regalia and every requisite for the various societies, is a Masonic jeweller, clothier, and publisher, and supplies banners, flags, bannerets, &c., &c.

     Mr. Kenning’s headquarters and manufactory are in London, his addresses being 1, 2, 3, and 4, Little Britain ; 195, 196, and 197, Aldersgate Street, E.C. ; and 16, and 16A, Great Queen Street, W.C. He has depots, also in Monument Place, Liverpool, and in Bridge Street, Manchester, besides the establishment in Glasgow now under notice. It is, perhaps, not too much to assert that no other house in the United Kingdom, in the same line, can compare with his ; and the high character of his wares and workmanship is recognised by all classes of the community who have had dealings with him. In one sense Mr. Kenning may be termed a monopolist, but this is simply because his manufactures are unrivalled, and, therefore, he secures the lion’s share of the trade in those branches of ornamental art in which he is engaged.

    His Glasgow branch was established in the year 1878, at the present address, 9, Howard Street, and it is most admirably managed by his popular and talented representative, who possesses all the qualifications necessary for conducting a business of such an intricate and important character as the one we have described. The premises, which comprise a warehouse and office, are commodious and convenient, the warehouse being handsomely fitted up with plate-glass showcases, &c., and the stock of Masonic jewellery and paraphernalia and of other specimens of Mr. Kenning’s manufactures, is exceedingly choice and valuable. His execution of orders is marvellous, and would only be credited by those who have patronised him. The business is conducted upon the most straightforward and honourable lines, the proprietor being satisfied with fair and reasonable profits. There is nothing which appears to be beyond Mr. Kenning's capabilities in his own profession, and whatever he undertakes is executed to perfection.

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