William Kidston & Sons

William Kidston & Sons, Timber Merchants, &c., 19, Queen Street.—

    There is always a special interest attaching to old institutions whether they be national, municipal, or mercantile, and prominent among the latter class in this city is the old-established firm of Messrs. William Kidston & Sons.

    The business was established at the beginning of the century by Mr. William Kidston, in conjunction with his two sons, Richard and Archibald Glen, in the present premises, which not long before had formed a country residence, with garden attached, Queen Street then being a country lane called “The Cow Loan”. The style of the firm has never been altered, though the present members, Messrs. William, Richard, and Charles Kidston are the grandsons of the founder of the business. Messrs. Kidston & Sons, besides their trade in iron, were extensively engaged in shipping and the colonial timber trade, and also did a large business in the importation of cotton, and as general commission merchants with a first-class connection extending to all parts of the United Kingdom.

    Messrs. Kidston & Sons, although now almost completely retired from business, occupy a very influential position in mercantile circles, and all the members of the firm are well known and highly esteemed for their active exertions in promoting the best interests of the trade and commerce of this city.

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