W. and J.J. Kier

W. and J.J. Kier, Glass Stainers, 368 St. Vincent Street.—

    The art of glass-staining is one that is represented in its highest form by the noted firm of Messrs. W. and J.J. Kier, one of the oldest established houses in the trade. The business was originally founded over fifty years ago, and when first established was located at premises in Carrick Street. The firm now occupy a larger building of three flats.

    For artistic ability and excellent work the firm are widely celebrated, and their numerous high-class productions are to be met with in all parts of the country. The average number of hands that are employed amounts to about twenty-five.

    One important feature of the work executed is that of memorial windows for churches, &c., and in this branch the firm are undoubtedly in the front rank of artists. Among the most recent works are those in Alloway parish church, near Ayr, the old Ramshorn church, in Ingram Street, at Glasgow, the old Abbey church in Stirling, St. Mary’s church, Partick, and the Cathedral of St. Andrew’s in Madras. Another feature of the business is the decoration of halls, staircases, libraries, &c., of the principal mansions of the nobility and others, the firm having a very widespread and influential connection, in this department.

    They also execute a large amount of similar work in the decoration of yachts, among the leading achievements of the firm in this direction being the Lady Torfrida, belonging to Sir William Pearce, also the Mohican, of Mr. Coats, of Paisley. The firm likewise executed the decorations for the saloon of the Atlantic steamer, the America, which has been lately built. Messrs. Kier have achieved well-deserved success, and their work is highly appreciated by an extensive connection in all parts of the country.

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