William King

William King, Cooper, 7 and 9, High Street, 71, Dundas Street. Workshop, 223, Parliamentary Road.—

    This is one of the most thoroughly representative firms of coopers in the country. The business was established a century ago, the title being until 1820 that of Walter King, then John King, and is at present William King. The premises at Parliamentary Road consist of a workshop and warehouse, covering an area of 3,600 square yards, the front portion being of two flats. The workshop is equipped with the most suitable appliances for the rapid and perfect production of harness, casks, ship buckets, milk casks, chums, &c.

    The trade, in which a large number of hands are employed, extends all over the city and country, Mr. King’s fame having been long established among dairy farmers for milk casks and all vessels of a like kind used by them, show barrels and casks for spirits and beer, and general shop fittings. Mr. King enjoys the reputation of allowing only the most substantial and perfect work to leave his establishment; and doubtless this and the qualities of energy and industry in the family which have enabled them to maintain and extend the business, with Mr. King’s ability and genuine character, are the secrets by which he continues to maintain his prominent position in this important trade.

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