John Kirkland & Sons

John Kirkland & Sons, Bakers, Villafield Bakery, 147, Kennedy Street.

    The firm of John Kirkland & Sons was established in the year 1874, in the present premises. This is one of the largest bakery concerns in Scotland, and enjoys a splendid reputation. They are makers of both plain and fancy bread, and do an enormous family trade. They likewise manufacture biscuits, seed cake, sultana cake, sponge cake, rusks, &c., all of the most superior quality.

    The head establishment is Villafield Bakery, and the premises consist of an extensive two-story building, together with various out-buildings used as stores, stables, van-sheds, &c., the whole covering an area of an acre of ground. The ground flat of the two-storied building contains sixteen baking ovens and a bakehouse. The upper flat affords accommodation for bread-making and storage of flour, &c. They manufacture into bread and other articles over four hundred sacks of flour per week. Besides the head establishment the firm have no less than about twenty branches in Glasgow and suburbs, and the total hands employed amount to one hundred and ten. We understand that there are arrangements in progress to make considerable extensions on this already extensive business.

    The head of the firm is Mr. John Kirkland, and the other principals are Messrs. James K. Kirkland, John Kirkland, jun., Gavin Kirkland, and William Kirkland, his sons. All the establishments are fitted up in a neat and excellent style, and are admirably conducted. The Messrs. Kirkland are well known in Glasgow, and they are most deservedly popular and respected.

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