Thomas Kirkpatrick

Thomas Kirkpatrick, Draper, 878, Sauchiehall Street.

    Among the leading firms in the general drapery trade, that presided over by Mr. Thomas Kirkpatrick is well and widely known. The business is one of the oldest in Sauchiehall Street. Mr. Kirkpatrick occupies very spacious premises, the front of which is devoted to the purposes of a general sale-room which contains a very large stock of heavy goods, hosiery, and general drapery. In the rear is a large saloon for the ladies who so largely patronise this well-known establishment.

    Nothing of an inferior character is stocked at this establishment, which is entirely devoted to the supply of goods superior alike in material and construction. The saloon is filled with a large stock of goods, including shawls, prints, &c., of the finest description.

    It should be particularly noticed that this firm do not advertise, but conduct their business on the principle of allowing the goods to speak for themselves and by supplying a good article to induce their patrons to continue their favours. The business is very energetically conducted and its success is undoubted and well-deserved.

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