Maison Laidlaw

Maison Laidlaw, Ladies’ Tailor and Court Dressmaker, 441, 447, Sauchiehall Street.—

    The artistic in fashion and form of feminine dress is amply and effectively illustrated in the operations of this house, which is ably conducted by Mr. and Mrs. Laidlaw, who were established in 1877 at Edinburgh, and came to these premises in Sauchiehall Street two years ago. In mantles, costumes, millinery, and marriage outfits it is correct to say that there is nothing finer and of more fashionable design offered in this part of the city.

    Their premises in Sauchiehall Street here are a great attraction, by the way. They consist of a front shop and saloon, also large premises overhead used as workshops, all handsomely fitted and decorated. The front shop is devoted to the display of the goods. The saloon is divided into three parts for the convenience of ladies in waiting, and the premises all throughout are excellently lighted.

    The Messrs. Laidlaw receive a large patronage, and employ over seventy hands in different workrooms. For fashionable marriage outfits the firm has a very fine reputation. Mr. and Mrs. Laidlaw superintend the business personally, and the manner in which it is conducted produces much satisfactory comment, and has cemented the establishment in the high confidence of a large and select circle.

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