A. C. Laird

Mr. A. C. Laird, General Draper, 349, New City Road.ó

    A house of high repute in the drapery trade is that of Mr. A. C. Laird, which was established by him in 1881. The emporium has two spacious windows fronting the street, both of which are well stocked. A heavy general stock is held, which is composed entirely of first-class goods, such as flannels, blankets, calicoes, dress materials, hosiery, gloves, laces, small wares, &c.

    Leading specialities, in which the house has acquired a high reputation, are comprised in dress, mantle-making and family mourning, a very experienced set of workers being employed in this branch of the business. The cut, style, and finish are all that could possibly be desired. The house keeps well abreast of the times, having not only all the facilities for making all kinds of family mourning on the shortest notice, but of producing dresses and mantles in the latest style of fashion, and at moderate charges. Lairdís flannels, blankets, and calicoes are celebrated far and wide for their excellence in all points, and the goods held in the other departments are of an equally superior quality.

    Several assistants are employed at the various counters of the departments, and the business of the house is thoroughly well organised and carried on with tact and energy. A good and well established local family trade is done, as well as an extensive counter business. The proprietor is a gentleman well acquainted with all the details of the trade, and highly respected for his courtesy and reliability by his numerous patrons.

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