John Lamont & Co.

John Lamont & Co., Merchants, 59, St. Vincent Street.

    It is particularly interesting in reviewing historically the trade and commerce of this city, to meet with a firm such as that of Messrs. John Lamont & Co., merchants, of 59, St. Vincent Street, and to accord to them that prominence which their position in trade demands. This business presents many features of interest, having been established more than fifty years, and thus being historically associated with the rise and development of the commerce of this city.

    Messrs. Lamont & Co. do an extensive business in all kinds of coal for household, steam, and manufacturing purposes, and have an old-established connection in Glasgow, and throughout Scotland. They have more recently added a business in Ceylon tea, which they were amongst the first to introduce to this market. This branch of the business, we have reason to believe, is rapidly increasing, and we predict may be considerably extended, for there is no doubt but that the public generally are, day by day, growing to appreciate the superior merits of the Ceylon teas.

    The business in all departments is conducted with energy and enterprise, and Messrs. Lamont & Co. occupy a position in commercial circles to which they are justly entitled, both by the length of their establishment and prestige.

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