Robert Latimer

Robert Latimer, Tin, Copper, and Lead Works, 30, Charles Street, Bridgeton.

    This business was founded in the present premises by Mr. Latimer in 1877, and since that date a very large trade has been developed in all directions. The proprietor occupies two large flats as workshops. These premises are admirably fitted with all the necessary appliances, plant, and material that are incidental to the trade, and are thoroughly complete in every detail. A large number of hands are employed, and these have been selected from the most skilled and experienced artisans.

    Mr. Latimer is very extensively engaged in many different branches of industry connected with tin, copper, and lead work generally. A great proportion of the business is connected with the execution of work for cotton-spinning and weaving factories, bleachers, &c. Among these the firm is widely known and holds a first-class reputation. Mr. Latimer manufactures many of the principal fittings, &c., in these large establishments, and has executed several very important contracts. He also commands a large business in erecting malleable and cast-iron pipes for steam, gas, and water fittings. Every description of zinc and sheet-iron work is done, and in all departments of a similar nature the firm are busily engaged.

    The work is executed under the personal supervision of the proprietor, who is thus enabled to guarantee thoroughness both in material and construction. A large business is done in all parts of the city, and the establishment is one of the most important and successful among those similarly engaged.

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