John Lauder

John Lauder, Slater and Plasterer, 869, Govan Road, Govan.ó

    The scientific practice of this trade is well reduced to beneficial practice by the searching genius of Mr. John Lauder, whose place of business is situated at 26, Langlands Road, Govan, and whom it is our pleasant duty to notice. Mr. Lauder has been established since 1883 in his present premises, which comprise a long yard measuring about 70 feet by 30 feet, with several small sheds scattered over it, and an office at the gate.

    Specimens of his granetic work offer unique attraction in the form of two small houses which he has built in his yard. The appearance of the front of this house is very peculiar and ancient-like. The front is built of old carved stones which were at one time in an old antique lodge near Glasgow. The contractor who removed it, but who is now forgotten, kept this part and had it built, previous to Mr. Lauderís time, where it now stands ó Mr. Lauder, of course, improving it. No one knows, however, the real origin of the relic, and it certainly forms a very artistic entrance to the yard, the two small windows being quite cathedral-like in shape.

    Mr. Lauderís business principally is that of slating and plastering, in which he operates very largely and with genuine effectiveness ; but in addition, and which may be termed a speciality of his business, he deals largely in granetic and marble-etta, and is going in largely for the latter, which is a patent of his own. It is used in various ways, such as for table tops, tops of sideboards, and as tiles for flooring, &c. It is made in all colours, and when polished it looks splendid. The granetic, again, which he does some very fine work in, is better known. It is formed of an admixture of cements and worked into large flat flags, and is now very popular for paving purposes, especially in cities. It is also used for building houses, for partitions in large buildings, &c., and, being of a fireproof nature, is preferable to either wood or brick. Lauderís system of fireproof building is a new system of building construction. A house or other edifice built on this system is assured against cold and damp in winter and too much heat in summer, in addition to being perfectly fireproof.

    Mr. Lauder is nothing if not enterprising, and does in all a very substantial trade in and around the city and elsewhere. He is exhibiting specimens of his marble-etta and granetic at the Glasgow International Exhibition this year, and will doubtless leave a considerable impression on the minds of many of his original and clever abilities in this way.

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