John Law

John Law, Bread, Biscuit, and Pastry Baker, and Confectioner, 531 and 424, Springburn Road.—

    Much enterprise and activity are evident in the efforts of Mr. John Law, in his capacity of bread, biscuit, and pastry baker. He is a member of the Incorporation of Bakers, and has been established for thirty years in this business, originally in Stonehouse, a rural village some fifteen miles south of Glasgow, and has been sixteen years in Springburn. He removed to the present large premises at 531, Springburn Road, ten years ago, and has a branch at 424 there also. The shops are models of taste, arrangement, and cleanliness, and are always well stocked with fresh supplies.

    He manufactures the “Extract of Malt Digestive Bread”, which is under royal letters patent, and which was awarded the Gold Medal at the Edinburgh Exhibition lately ; and all his other breadstuffs are of a very superior order. He does a first-class local trade in and around Springburn, and employs nine workmen and assistants. Mr. Law is very active in the close personal supervision of all the work, has a good reputation in the trade, and is highly esteemed by all who know him.

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