Thomas Law & Co.

Thomas Law & Co., Shipowners, “Shire Line” 128, Hope Street.—

    The firm of Thomas Law & Co. are owners and managers of the “Shire Line” of clipper packets, a fleet of some thirty vessels classed A 1 at Lloyd’s, and fitted with every requisite for the comfort of passengers. These vessels trade with various parts of the world ; but the most important part of the firm’s business is a regular monthly despatch from Glasgow direct to Brisbane, Queensland, also Freemantle, Western Australia, and the other parts of the colonies. Special provision is made for the accommodation passengers by this route. A liberal table is kept for calm passengers, and the fare charged is only thirty guineas.

    The firm are also agents in Glasgow for the Queensland Government, and are ship brokers and marine insurance brokers. They were established about twenty-five years ago by Mr. Thomas Law, in premises in West Nile Street. In 1875 he removed from West Nile Street to the present premises in Hope Street, and in 1881 he assumed as partner Mr. William Law. In 1887 Mr. Thomas Law, the senior partner and original founder of the firm died. Another brother, James Law, then became a partner with William Law, and these two gentlemen now constitute the present firm. Mr. William Law is Consul for the Republic of Uruguay, an office for which his extensive business experience has eminently fitted him. The steady and unwearied application to a business, of which he had a thorough knowledge, that characterised the original founder of this concern, also characterises the present proprietors, and the result is the steady growth and consolidation of the business on a sound basis, until a world-wide connection has been formed, and praiseworthy but modest industry has gained an honourable position in the commercial world.

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