R. G. Lawrie

R. G. Lawrie, Ivory Turner, 63, John Street.—

    Ivory turning is probably one of the most important branches of industry that demands the use of the lathe. One of the leading business houses in the North engaged in this trade is that presided over by Mr. Robert G. Lawrie. It was originally established in 1881, at 89, John Street, but in order to meet the requirements of a rapidly increasing trade was, in 1884, removed to the present address, where the proprietor occupies a very spacious and well-fitted workshop, with warehouse, &c.

    Although extensively engaged in all descriptions of fancy turning, the most important features of the business include the manufacture of billiard balls and bowls for bowling-green purposes. The proprietor is particularly noted for his skill in manufacturing bowls which are constructed from the well-known lignum vitae, and he has invented a machine for turning and also a table for testing the bias of bowls after they are finished, and considerable ingenuity has been displayed in this invention.

    Mr. Lawrie’s works are fitted with the most improved and modern forms of machinery, no expense having been spared to render the establishment thoroughly complete in this respect. A large trade is done, not only in the United Kingdom, but also abroad, and especially in the colonies, the proprietor having very successfully exhibited at many of the colonies, the exhibitions, notably that at Port Elizabeth. The business is widely renowned, and is one of the most thriving in Glasgow.

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