Lawson & Co.

Lawson & Co., Wholesale Jewellers and General merchants, 85, Buchanan Street.—

    Prominent among the leading branches of trade enterprise in all great mercantile communities is found that of the wholesale jeweller, and in this respect a notable and representative Glasgow firm is that of Messrs. Lawson & Co., who have associated with the commercial line referred to the additional undertakings of the general merchant, chiefly in articles of an artistic and sporting nature. This well-known house was founded in 1825 as James Panton & Co., which title became, in 1867, Gillespie, Lawson & Co. Subsequently the style was further altered to Lawson, Rankin & Co., and eventually resolved itself into Lawson & Co., as at present. The business, which is now under the sole control and proprietorship of Mr. Thomas Lawson, has always been located in Glasgow, and has been centred at its present eligible headquarters in Buchanan Street since 1843. The premises here occupied comprise the whole of a large first floor of commodious dimensions, and contain an immense stock of the various lines of goods to which the attention of the house is devoted. These premises were specially built for the purposes of the business by Mr. James Panton, founder of the firm, and are admirably suited to all the requirements they were designed to fulfil.

    The principal part of Messrs. Lawson’s present trade is comprised in their operations as wholesale jewellers. In this branch they are very extensively engaged, and show an almost exceptionally large and comprehensive stock of goods. They are makers of all kinds of fine clocks, suitable for railways, observatories, and other places where accuracy of time-keeping is essential ; and are large importers of clocks, and clock and watch materials, and dealers in every description of tools for watchmakers. They show some particularly noteworthy lines in barometers, and other instruments of a kindred nature. As importers of musical instruments, also, the firm hold a position of prominence, and their stock in this department is replete with goods of all descriptions, superior articles having a decided predominance.

    Messrs. Lawson & Co. have, however, been longest known as makers of Fishing Rods and tackle, and in this connection they are deservedly famous. They still devote much care and attention to this branch, and maintain the reputation for quality and superior workmanship in all fishing requisites with which their name has for so many years been identified. Their fishing rods and tackle are highly esteemed and earnestly sought after by sportsmen, both at home and abroad. Messrs. Lawson & Co. control a very large and far-reaching trade, which is entirely of a wholesale character, over a widespread home and export circuit.

    The business in all departments is most capably conducted by Mr. Thomas Lawson ; and to the judicious enterprise and sound mercantile capacity which have signalised his administration of its affairs is largely due the especially gratifying success that has attended the house during the last twenty-five years of its always prosperous career.

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