The Leith, Hull, and Hamburgh Steam Packet Company

The Leith, Hull, and Hamburgh Steam Packet Company. Messrs. James Currie & Co., 40, St. Enoch Square.

    Prominent amongst the large and influential houses engaged in the shipping trade is the well-known firm of Messrs. James Currie & Co. (The Leith, Hull, and Hamburgh Steam Packet Company). This firm ranks amongst the oldest-established in the United Kingdom. They now possess a fine fleet of twenty-four powerful steam packets, commanded by an efficient staff of highly qualified and thoroughly trustworthy officers, and fitted up in a most superior manner for both passenger and cargo accommodation.

    These vessels comprise the Berlin, Breslau, Britannia, Buda, Coblentz, Cremona, Cumberland, Dresden, Dwina, Edina, Ferrara, Geneva, North Star, Orient, Prague, Mona, Savona, Stettin, Thorsa, Toledo, Tortona, Tflva, Vistula, and the Warsaw, besides the Ancona and Ravenna which are now building. These steamers leave Leith and Hull weekly; sailing from Leith every Tuesday, from Hull every Friday, from Leith to Newcastle every Wednesday and Saturday, from Newcastle (Quayside) every Monday and Friday. Passenger steamers run twice a week between Leith (Victoria Dock) and Hamburgh (Dalman Quay). The firm also dispatch steamers from Dundee to Hamburgh every Friday evening, and from Hamburgh to Dundee, via Grangemouth, every Friday morning; with goods only ; also between Grangemouth and Hamburgh, weekly, with goods only ; between Greenock and Hamburgh, weekly, with goods only ; Leith and Bremerhaven, via Dundee or direct, fortnightly, or as required by the trade. They also dispatch steamers regularly every Thursday from Leith to Christiansand and Copenhagen, and from Copenhagen to Christiansand and Leith also every Thursday, and from Christiansand to Leith every Friday. The service to Stettin, Dantzig, Pillau, Konigsberg, and other Baltic ports is regulated according to the requirements of the trade.

    The representatives of Messrs. James Currie & Co. in Hull are Messrs. Jackson & Tarbolton; in Hamburgh, C. Hugo ; in Bremen and Bremerhaven,- the North German Lloyd; in Copenhagen, C. K. Hansen ; in Christiansand, Messrs. F. Reinhardt & Co. ; in Stettin, F. Ivers; in Pillau and Konigsberg, Messrs. E. and G. Hay ; in Dantzig, F. G. Reinhold ; in Rotterdam, Messrs. Boutmy & Co. ; in Antwerp, F. Huger ; in London, Messrs. Donald Currie & Co., 3, Fenchurch Street ; in Liverpool, Messrs. Donald Currie & Co., 23, Castle Street ; in Manchester, Messrs. Donald Currie & Co., 11, Commercial Buildings, Cross Street ; in Dundee, David Alexander ; in Glasgow, Messrs. Lietke and Co., 30, Gordon Street, or Messrs. James Currie & Co., 40, St. Enoch Square. The head office is at 16, Bernard Street, Leith, and other branches at Newcastle, Greenock, and Grangemouth. Messrs. James Currie & Co. contribute in an eminent degree to the development of British trade and commerce, and to rapid and easy intercourse between Scotland and the northern parts of Europe.

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