David Liddell

David Liddell, Bookbinder, Paper Ruler, and Manufacturing Stationer, 27, Union Street.

    The industrial art of the bookbinder and paper ruler is fittingly exemplified in the well-known establishment conducted by Mr. David Liddell, which was founded at the present address in 1874. The workshops occupied are very extensive, and are well appointed, the machinery being of the most modern construction and adapted for first-class work in each department.

    All kinds of stationery are manufactured on the premises, and book-binding and paper ruling are executed with dispatch, the average staff employed in such work being from twenty to thirty hands. A speciality is made of mercantile stationery, of which a large assortment is always kept on hand. The trade is not entirely of a local character, as it embraces shipping orders for India, America, and the colonies.

    Mr. Liddell is a gentleman of practical acquaintance with every branch of the trade, and is highly respected by his customers.

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