William Liddell

William Liddell, Central Yacht Agency, 2, Oswald Street.—

    This establishment was founded in 1885 at the present address, where the proprietor, Mr. William Liddell, occupies fairly large offices, and employs a very efficient staff. Mr. Liddell acts as agent for the sale, purchase, or hire of steam and sailing yachts of all classes. The pastime of yachting is one that has always met with great favour with everyone, from the noble lord, whose vessel is as large as a fair-sized ocean trader, down to the humble visitor to the seaside for the day. At an establishment like that of Mr. Liddell’s, any one wishing to indulge in the pleasures of yachting for any length of time can either purchase or hire suitable craft, the proprietor undertaking to accommodate his patrons with any size, rig, or class of vessel.

    He also does a large business in selling these vessels for numerous clients who have them for disposal ; and his establishment is really a general mart, as it were, for all classes of sailing and steam yachts. A very large trade is done in steam launches of all sizes. Mr. William Liddell has conducted his business with very considerable energy and ability, a fact that is amply proved in the rapid progress the firm has made in gaining favour among the highest classes of the nobility, gentry, &c. The firm is widely known, and a very large business is carried on in all directions.

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