David Ligat & Son

David Ligat & Son, Manufacturers, 12, Waterloo Street.ó

    The extensive business carried on by the above firm dates back in its foundation over thirty years, having been established originally in Tureen Street, by Mr. David Ligat. These premises are said to be the oldest weaving establishment in Glasgow. This factory, however, is now closed. The manufacturing part of the firmís business is now carried on at Newmilnes, Ayrshire. The factory here is laid out on a very extensive scale, and is replete with all the best and most improved machinery and appliances that skill, experience, and mechanical science have devised to command economical production, and to meet advancing competition, together with perfect and uniform manufacture. The firm are extensively engaged in the manufacture of lappets and muslins of every description. Upwards of a hundred and fifty workpeople are regularly employed, the factory presenting a busy and animated scene of industrial activity.

    Messrs. Ligat & Son have a first-class business connection, extending to all parts of the United Kingdom ; they also do a very large and continually increasing export trade, being well represented in the Continental, American, and colonial markets. At one time the firm did a very large business in the Algerian market, but the alteration in the French tariff has made the exportation of goods to this market quite prohibitive.

    A few years ago Mr. D. Ligat, sen., retired from the firm. The business is now carried on by his two sons, Mr. Robert and Mr. David ; both these gentlemen take an active part in the management, and are also known and esteemed in mercantile circles for their earnest endeavours to promote the best interests of the commerce and industries of Glasgow and the district.

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