R.B. Lindsay & Co.

R.B. Lindsay & Co., Patent Packing Manufacturers, 43, Mair Street, Plantation.

    This firm carries on an important branch of industry, in a locality where, within a radius of from six to ten miles, a large portion of the machinery of the world's trade is forged and finished. As manufacturers of Patent Compressed Asbestos Metallic and Hemp packing, Messrs. Lindsay & Co. have a large connection.

    Their Asbestos Metallic Packing has been specially adapted to meet the high pressure and corresponding heat of the steam now used in marine engines, combining this condition with safety and economy. They have a trade circular showing the advantages of their packings, with the names of some of the steamers in which they have been adopted, to which also are appended some testimonials from engineering authorities, giving practical proof of the value of these productions.

    Messrs. Lindsay & Co. were established in 1872, and they have been in their present premises since 1884. Their trade is considerable amongst the marine and shipping industries, both in the Clyde and elsewhere, and some of the largest steamship companies have for many years adopted their manufactures. The lasting properties of their packings are well known, the asbestos metallic commonly running from one to two years in high-pressure engines without renewal.

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